You never thought I would do this, did you? Never thought that I would fulfill the fantasy you have so keenly imagined night after night…

She answered the advertisement I placed. I wrote it in such a way that the right person would respond… I do not know her, but my instincts are good. You will see: it will be remarkably hot, no matter what.

She will meet us tomorrow, somewhere public. What will she wear? Will we come back to your apartment then and there? Or will we simply talk, plan, discuss? It hardly matters. What is meant to happen will happen. You will know me, know the wetness of my panties as you talk to me… but her wetness is something new to you, new to me. Her nipples hardening with excitement, her moans. This will all be new.

This is for you, love. It is my intense pleasure to kiss this woman in front of you, to straddle her in your new chair, pinch her as your cock grows hard watching. But you enter her first, then enter me. I know it is your obsession, and you will have it. Sleep well, love. Dream.


I let my hands slip down between my legs this morning, early, as the grey light crept into my bedroom. I was thinking of you; you are not here but in my dreams. My fingers became yours as I traced the outline of my swollen labia from beneath my panties. The fabric, damper now, only reminds me of what is not removed, what is not here.. you. I want you, want your face between my legs, want you flicking my clit gently with the tip of your tongue as your fingers feel my wet cunt wetter. You push my legs apart wider, those panties still in the way, in frustrating ways. They need to be removed. And the removal is like an admission. I want to be fucked. I put my legs together and slide the silky soaking things off, realize that I will not be able to wear them again later, smell my cunt heady and think to put these panties aside for you later, so you know.

I start again slowly, feeling the wetness of my perineum, wetness that has made its way all the way to my ass, where my fingers linger now, too, all around. Oh yes! Inside. I ache for this, for my ass to be fucked, too. For you, your relentless fingers hitting my g-spot hard from inside my tight little asshole, quivering, my cunt ever wetter and ignored now. My finger only hints of this, darting inside gently, making me gasp. I want more, want it badly.

This morning I anticipate you, your hands on me this afternoon. I reach for my vibrator–way too strong for what I can stand right now, but I grab it anyway and push it down all around my cunt. I could come, WILL come, and I’m holding back, but turn the switch off as I lay cursing myself and that promise to myself only to raise my desire now, and not satisfy it.

The alarm went off. I pushed my legs back together, curled up feeling my wet pussy want. Calm. Calm. I made the coffee, got up, got dressed. And now. Now I prepare for my day, ever wanting. My cunt is wet, throbbing. My clit waits. In a few minutes I will go running, then return, sweaty and disturbed by the pulsing of my entire body. My hands will find there way down again, marveling all the more at how wet I am thinking of you now. And I’ll do it again, bring myself close to orgasm and then stop to wait for you.


Ah. I knew it would not take much to get your attention, especially when I am dressed like this. I begin here, to document my quest for love, truth, and satisfaction in this world.

And you, do you always look so lost, so confused? Sit down. Relax, and let me tell you a story.

The first one is about you.

I know you. I have watched you from across the way,  in evenings when your shade was not pulled, when you walked back and forth across the window, talking, going about your daily routine. I saw you glance outside once in awhile, looking out for some piece of yourself beyond those walls that contained you.

Perhaps you were looking for me.