Where have you been? What do you dream?

I ask myself these questions often, push my limits to discover the answers.

I believe in love, above all things. I believe in love, and the community of sharing and sexuality, honesty.

If you seek this, too, enter. Come in. Find your pleasure, and bound to dizzying heights of passion, then back to earth… perhaps, a bit newer, a bit older, a bit more…

As of March 2016, Lady Dragonfly has ended. The writing will remain for now, but there will be no new posts. Life changes, writers grow, and love eventually dies without proper nourishment. In truth, my fantasy of love left on May 29, 2014. After all this time, I finally have cut the literary cord.

My erotic thoughts have found a new lush home. I wouldn’t be surprised if you inquisitive souls don’t stumble into it sometime…

But through my meandering so and development here, I thank you for all your kindness and support when I wrote, and you read. It was sublime.

And if you have something to say, say it here:

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