day and night

All day long today I filled my head with the necessities of life, the real life, the work and the business and the things I am supposed to do, and still, still, there were those fleeting moments, moments alone, moments unfilled with facts and figures, moments filled then by the wish that you could reach around for the fasteners to my pants and push me up against the kitchen counter once more.

I am here now, home, inside and not in cold rain, but looking out at it in the dim light through the kitchen window, looking past that very kitchen counter now covered with dinner dishes and coffee grounds and mail that I should throw out, but I am distracted and I forget these things. Upstairs, the bed was never made, not made still since yesterday, then, I still feel myself sliding down onto you, my newly soaked panties now reminding me once more, make me wish for night when I have the leisure to recollect, to recreate your flesh in my hot cunt–a half truth in silicone, a climax that only serves to make me want your warm skin you once more, all the more, all night long.