my love

Dear readers,

Lady Dragonfly has died in the sunlight, the fate of many a dragonfly, sadly.

As they say, sunlight is the best antiseptic. The words I wrote here, everything I imagined and dreamed, were fiction. My own sentiments were not, but the situations were pure fabrications of my own ambitiously romantic mind.

I was bitter for some time when the sun came out, and the world–what I had known of it–was much uglier than I had guessed. I was hurt for much longer, as I caught occasional glimmers of light on areas of my love that had remained in deliberate shadows for so long. The truth was so much more painful than I realized at first, as others came to me, told me what I could not see before. The truth made me feel small, ugly, my dreams and wishes mocked, used.

In the end, I emerge with greater integrity, and realize the strength I have maintained in my life. And the world in sunlight is quite beautiful, after all.

I love my words here, still do. Please enjoy them as you like.

But most of all, I miss you. In many ways, I never could stop loving my lover, because I loved my audience. After awhile, I simply could not write, but i thought my words would return to me.

In truth, I realized that I do not want to exist in dishonesty. Some may argue that fiction itself is a sort of dishonesty, but I disagree. I feel that in our words, the purity of truth always rings true.

I am a Midwesterner in my roots. I learned early on that if you can’t say something nice, say nothing at all. And it is here that Lady Dragonfly ends.

I will be publishing in clearer waters now, and as I do, I hope to trip into some of you again. You all have wicked, wonderful imaginations, expansive minds, accepting spirits–and many of you have talent far exceeding mine. I hope to win your admiration as I transition into words with more grace.

I wish all of you a fond adieu, and hope to find you on the other side.


the former Lady Dragonfly


2 thoughts on “my love

  1. I’m not writing anything either. I’m sorry you’ve been hurt 😥 Let me know where you’re writing, when you are?

    • Vida, I have always loved your writing… so sorry to hear you have not been doing it lately, either! I will send you a message as soon as my next venture is up and running completely… soon! I hope you are well, and thank you for your kind and helpful words over the years!!!

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