mermaid voyage

The folks over at Go Deeper Press have wonderful news for you mermaids out there–mermaid, meaning anyone who is a woman or who identifies as a woman… and who wants to explore her own erotic self-awareness.

The Mermaid Voyage is a two-week course in erotic self-discovery. I have stolen their artwork above, and an audio sample of the first day and information about the course, are available here.

And while you are there, check out some of the marvelous offerings from this hot new publisher. Hot hot hot! (did I say hot?) and smart, to boot. I am reading through their Femme Fatale collection right now, and will have more to share as soon as I stop fanning myself.

Check back, as the review section of this blog will feature some of Go Deeper’s selections. So it is bound to begin with a bang.

So to speak.

In the meanwhile, enjoy your Mermaid Voyage. I know you will!

3 thoughts on “mermaid voyage

  1. […] let’s not forget our deep, deep love for both Lady Dragonfly and Go Deeper’s own V.C., both of whom sing the praises of Femme Fatale: Erotic Tales of […]

  2. maria says:

    hey like your blog. lots of good stuff. i love this post too and the picture. thanks for putting this up. want to read more posts like this. thanks again.

    • Thanks, but the picture is not mine. This belongs to the glorious Go Deeper Press, for their Mermaid Voyage. All aboard, and bask in it when you do! I am glad you landed here for awhile, and enjoyed a bit.

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