The thing that struck me most, first, were your words, dropping off mid-sentence as I sat and reached beneath my dress to pull off my stockings.

You looked at me as we were chatting our hellos, and I pushed the dress high, so that you could glance from my face, lower, see the red and white panties, hot to the touch now as I waited for you here, waited to take the nylons off until you could watch me, I did. I did.

The thing I noticed next, second, was your face, red, as you shouted into the clear day, the lovely gushing as I straddled you, my red panties in your pocket now, with my keys. Your face, relieved, surprised, yes, already, yes, it was glorious, glorious as the day, and the light, and the grass, the soft wind and buzz of faraway traffic on the highway.

Third, the rush, the glow, spring, your head in my lap. My cunt still throbbing, even now as I write, remembering it, savoring it, all is well, remedy sublime.

mermaid voyage

The folks over at Go Deeper Press have wonderful news for you mermaids out there–mermaid, meaning anyone who is a woman or who identifies as a woman… and who wants to explore her own erotic self-awareness.

The Mermaid Voyage is a two-week course in erotic self-discovery. I have stolen their artwork above, and an audio sample of the first day and information about the course, are available here.

And while you are there, check out some of the marvelous offerings from this hot new publisher. Hot hot hot! (did I say hot?) and smart, to boot. I am reading through their Femme Fatale collection right now, and will have more to share as soon as I stop fanning myself.

Check back, as the review section of this blog will feature some of Go Deeper’s selections. So it is bound to begin with a bang.

So to speak.

In the meanwhile, enjoy your Mermaid Voyage. I know you will!