she was just 17…

If you do know what I mean, you have already taken a glimpse perhaps at the enormous undertaking of one Rori, at Between My Sheets. Every year, she reads through hundreds of blogs to select the top 100.

I am #17 on her Top 100 Sex Bloggers of 2012 list! It is an enormous honor, and I am so happy!

That said, I realize it has been a little longer than usual since my last writing. Rori, and all the wonderful writers out there, you have inspired me to write more, write better, get hotter…

Thank you so much, Rori!

And thanks also to Cheeky Minx, who nominated me. Her fabulous Love Hate Sex Cake takes #4 on the list! Congrats, CM!!

3 thoughts on “she was just 17…

  1. suggestivetongue says:


  2. Cheeky Minx says:

    It was my absolute pleasure to nominate you, Lady D. Everyone should be reading your incredible musings as far as I’m concerned. Congratulations on this well deserved honour!

    (And thank you, lovely lady…)

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