a short response

Dear x,

You write to me of your “strong urges”. So what sort of strong urge do you have right now?

What do you do with such urges? Do you just forget about them, or do you have to do something to relieve the tension?

I think you have wicked, naughty thoughts that you can’t ignore.I like to think about you stroking your cock, getting harder. I like thinking about your new vibrator, in deep so that one end drives your ass wild, and the other end touches your balls.
Ah, but this week is too busy to meet, isn’t it? We’ll have to wait.

In the meanwhile, you can think wicked, brazen thoughts.  So, think of this:  tomorrow morning, when I would normally be working, I will go back upstairs and spread my legs wide open. My vibrator will take your place if you cannot be here. All night, I will be thinking about it, so when I get back into bed, I’ll need to relieve my strong urges, too.

When my clit is so sensitive, I really don’t need this intense a sensation, you know, even on the slow speed–it is so strong that I can’t really stand it for very long. It makes me come very fast. Too fast.

It makes me want more.

I want your face buried between my legs, your tongue, circling my clit. You drive me wild when you tease me that way, when you tie me down and bring me so close to climax, then leave me gasping, still wanting more. I want to push your face down, but instead my back arches to push against you.

How long would you make me wait for your cock to ram my hot pussy?

Would you keep me tied, or would you flip me over to spank me, then fuck my ass?

Let me know if you have any further thoughts on this subject.



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