The short month has ended, the snow of winter arriving just at the end of it, melted now, spring soon, spring lingering here so close all year.

I left my bedroom for some time, feeling a great need to wander, to explore the wide wonder, in search of beauty, in search of ideas, in search of new ways and new faces, new tastes, new amid the old, in search of perspective, sunrises on empty roads, the cold, the sting, courage.

Adventure, even here, the hidden, the forbidden, the jeans unsnapped quickly, fingers slipping briefly into my heat, your cock plunging deeper to replace them, my face pressed up against cold tile as you fill me, your finger tracing my ass, more, more, my thoughts so lewd to think of the moment, stolen, the Vermeer, my lust multiplied, a kaleidoscope of possibilities.

2 thoughts on “march

  1. max says:

    and more, and more…

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