contemplating the season

Night has come, maybe a few seconds later. Or did morning come a few seconds earlier today? Winter is here–I have always dreaded those days of enclosure, the cold, the world so much smaller. But this season brings clarity, the promise of new sun, longer days, more light.

The darkness that has prevailed in recent weeks is lifting now, as if to rejoice in the holiday.

Light makes way for new starts, new life, new love. Seasons pass, and leave us wiser–we hope–with memories that nourish our souls, with memories that break our hearts.

2 thoughts on “contemplating the season

  1. Cheeky Minx says:

    This contemplation, written through with wisdom, hope and beauty, even speaks to my bright and shining summer’s day. Thank you for a year filled with your glorious words.

    Happy holidays, Lady D…

    • Thank you for your greetings, and your words. A warm summer Christmas sounds lovely, end of year always a time of reflection–no matter the season. The best to you in these long days, Minx, and in the year ahead.

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