The sheets were crisp, neatly tucked into the mattress, hospital corners, a work of art. Sylvie, still giddy, lay on the bed for several seconds as the world beyond the bed came back into focus. A phone call. A knock on the door. A man in the bathroom. She pulled at the sheets and leg by leg retreated to the safety of tight covers.

The knock came again, and Sylvie pulled the sheet up over her head as Jean-Paul walked from the bathroom to open the door.

“Come in! Come in,” Jean-Paul welcomed the bartender into the room.

The two walked toward the window of the large room, Jean-Paul speaking in a low voice that Sylvie made no effort to decipher. She longed now for sleep, and tried to let herself fall into it, though she was distracted still by him, by them, by the phone that she could hear once more, loudly vibrating on the floor.

“Hello?” Jean-Paul flipped open the phone. Her phone.

He paused, then laughed. “Ah yes, the right hotel, it is. Please come up! Room #504. Just ask the front desk to ring when you are on your way.”

Sylvie cringed at this gathering. Jean-Paul seemed to be spending a long time speaking privately with the bartender. Ah yes, the bartender, so young, so kind. What was he thinking now? And Todd?

Todd? He had driven here? Sylvie paused to think that he might have ventured outside of their own house, that he actually left his comfort zone. Was it possible? Was he really here?

And if he was here, had he come in anger? in jealousy? Or was he truly turned on, as aroused as he claimed to be when this adventure had first begun?

Sylvie imagined the men here all enticed by her capricious dabblings in Open Relationship 101. She was exhausted now, wanted to savor the climax, her legs still weak from excitement, from relief. And yet.. she had felt Jean-Paul’s erect cock against her back  His non-stop cock, that had satisfied her so much more just yesterday. His roughness, not too rough, his desire to expose her, to fulfill the fantasies she had described to him in moments less compromising.

At last, a knock.

Todd had surely arrived. Sylvie felt relieved, yearned in one way to leave with him, to leave the room behind, to walk away from a life that captivated her, yet frightened her still. Voices, still muffled, came from the hall, then clearer as Sylvie now strained to here. Yes, that laugh, a boldness that she had not heard from Todd in weeks, now apparent as he joked with Jean-Paul.

“She’s resting,” Jean-Paul walked closer to the bed. Sylvie rolled onto her stomach, hugging the pillow.

“Sylvie?” Todd sat on the bed, running his hand along the form of her back.

Sylvie arched back instinctively, relieved by his familiar touch. He folded the sheet back from her shoulder, lifted her tousled hair from her neck, and kissed her, gently, then biting, gently, unrelenting, deeper. She tensed as his teeth broke skin. Sylvie tried to move away, then relaxed, letting the intensity inhabit her. He reached over and adjusted the control to the egg, a low hum, a moan, his teeth still clenching her vulnerable flesh as he tore the sheet down below her torso, her lovely ass now exposed to him.

Todd loosened his bite, and eased back slowly to stand at the foot of the bed. Sylvie reached back and felt the indentations in her skin. The vibrations became stronger, and Sylvie hugged the pillow tighter as she arched back now even farther.

“So,” Todd remarked, “this is how you spend your days off.” Sylvie only gasped as she heard him loosen his belt, and unzip his trousers.

Todd kneeled behind her at the foot of the bed, his cock still covered by briefs, but hard as he leaned against her ass. He ran his finger between her legs. “I see you like this,” he slid his finger into her wetness, pushing down hard against the firm ridge. Her clit ached, and she arched back so that he could reach more easily. He pulled his finger out, and turned the egg still higher.

“Fuck me,” Sylvie murmured, as Todd grabbed her wrists and held them to the bed, his cock still pressing into her backside. She shifted, felt her wetness soak the fabric of his briefs as his cock stiffened against her. She backed against him, and he backed up, let go of her wrists, and stood again. Sylvie rolled onto her back, and let her legs spread open.

“Fuck me,” she begged…



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