what are cheerleaders for?

Whaaat? Whaaat? Whaaat? Whaaat?


We’ve got the spirit! Yeah Yeah

I listen, and I am still astounded by the calls to the crowd, the response, the attention to the football players and whatever is going on in the field.

Considering the importance of football in American life, I would fail at any citizenship exam, I am sure. I understand how to get a touchdown, how to get a couple of extra points after that, but the intricacies in between the goals, no idea. I hope as I sit here enthusiastic if confused that the girls on the sidelines in their glitzy uniforms will give me some indication of what to do.

And they do.

Cheerleading seems to fight its own image of pretty girls who are not out on the field themselves. But as I sit watching in amazement at the variety of cheers–they had one for every single move on the field, encouragement for the down moments, right out audacious go-for-itness when that was called for–I felt enormous admiration. They are the chorus.

Yes! the Greek Chorus, calling out the dramatic action on the field. It is beautiful in that, with the chants, the call and response… They are the interpreters for the players to the crowd, the representation on the field of the audience, as well.

But beware: this is not a thing to mention to victory-hungry parents near the end of the season. Blank stares. But honestly? I cannot possibly be the first person who has thought this.

But that’s all right. The players fight on, and the cheerleaders cheer. All is well in the world.

And they creamed the other team. We’re number one! Woo Hoo!


Howd’ya spell victory? Howd’ya spell victory?

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