play misty for me

I am lucky to have friends who have me over for dinner and uncensored discussion, enjoyable moments together by the fire. It is all cozy, and in this case nostalgic, though I had never seen the porn film they suggested.

“The Opening of Misty Beethoven” is a classic; that much I knew. But watching it I was transported back to a world when I was young, when sex was a brand new world, when cable television had first come into my parents’ house, and Cinemax showed soft porn like Emmanuelle, the Sensuous Nurse, Young Lady Chatterley.

I ached for the Martini & Rossi adult life. But I had forgotten until last night the 1970s glamour of my fantasies, the pictures in my own mind of real people, naked, that look so different now from the shaved and enhanced bodies I see now. The foundation of my erotic imagination was there, in the scenes of Europe, the conversation, the humor, the sex itself.. ah yes. And a plot. A Pygmalion porn movie.

And yet.. I was an innocent girl next door. I may well have been full of imagination and insatiable curiosity, but I never saw anything like this when I was so young. I never even knew back then that people did some of the things I saw in the movie… All the better to watch now.

Hot. Very hot. A lovely night.

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