Play me.

Play me with precision and feeling, and tell me as you do it everything you forgot to tell me , everything you do not know how to tell me any other way. The week is busy, allegro moderato, the flurry of wonder still in the back of my mind, hurry hurry. I am always late. And now it is a grey day, the rain coming down, the movement is now largo, like kisses, teasing, exploring you, discovering amazing you. This is my favorite part, the part we do slowly, carefully, joyfully. Presto, perfect, my heart is pounding now with you here now. You ask, and I respond to your constant attention, to the way your fingers thrill me, to you, to this intricate dance.

Bach 1056, harpsichord concerto in F minor.

I cradle my head up against your chest now, here, safe, still so much left to say, to play.

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