be merry

The cool breeze hits my face when I come up from underwater, swimming, swimming, then that blessed gulp of air.

Breathless, dizzy like a fish. Be merry.

The day is precious, quiet, still.  I find the lightness still, in the day, the summer edging now toward its shorter days, days of mirth and laughter, even though it is August and it is nearly gone. Even though summer teases with its short short months. Be merry.

Oh, I love you, life, love to feel the water as I dive back in again, wanting once more to don my fins and blurry eyes to find that kiss of water, that ever-wonderful embrace. Be merry. Swim, and overtake me, let the waves and the lull of the water remind me, leave me, leave my feet, leave me in their wonder, in their enormity. Be merry, be merry, be breathless again.





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