I cannot help but wonder as I wander through the streets and alleys of my mind what lies around the next corner. These days, it seems the smallest thought turns into a real being, living, breathing… and in reality always there before, but now transformed into figments of my desire, of your desire, of our collective lustful imaginations.

So it shall be. A jug of lube, a bundle of rope and thou, beside me singing in the wilderness… perhaps? Or in the sweetly familiar love nest where we explore bodies and minds, discovering paradise, redefining it in a balance of pain and pleasure?

I crave your skin, skin hot, crackling as you roll over and let me whip you into submission.. would you? Would you release your will, if only for a few precious moments, let me drive you beyond debauchery, beyond pain, beyond pleasure?

I crave your skin, your hot skin, your sizzling skin as I dowse about the surface, as I crawl beneath it, tapping the pleasure within you, you your bountiful well.

I release you. Yes, if I were to release you, let you ravish me, let you scoop me up, let you wash me out, would you be satisfied? Or would you come back for more, craving more?

2 thoughts on “fever

  1. Cheeky Minx says:

    So very sexy and erotic…

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