way to treat a lady

Is this the way you treat me when you haven’t seen me in such a long time?

Apparently it is. I am still covered in you, yes, all over my legs and belly, my breasts. And I want to sleep, sleep, here exhausted and satiated as I am here now, still lying in my bed, luxuriously free for a few hours before the world comes back to me.

Eventually I will get up, I know, and see the state in which you have left my house from your visit: the rope still tied to the bed, the massage oil on the nightstand, the dildos lying out still to be cleaned and put away… My muscles relax, still stretched in ways I had nearly forgotten, and the sight of all this will remind me all the more of what we did here. I may never leave my bed…

Well fucked. Yes, your cock already sore just anticipating me, wanting me. I can be gentle, though I do not want to be. But I love that cock of yours, so hard and useful it is.. Yes, I drop to my knees to pray at the altar of your lovely rock hard cock–I bow my head and lick, then peer upward to see you close your eyes and bless me as my hot mouth envelops you for the first time this time–it has been such a long time.

You want me, want me still I know, though your asshole must feel the transgressions–mine still feels the effects of your pounding cock. I want you to ram me again hard, now, moving me from moan to scream as you continue, as you quiver and lose control inside of me, your come thrashing inside me, your balls slapping hard against my labia. You want me, though your cock is spent, and you, too are exhausted, I know. You want me, as you know you want to be my best fuck, and not just my now fuck, and I want to fuck you again and again, I want you to watch me fuck, watch me watch you fuck, multiplying desire, want, need. More.

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