saving daylight

It has been a week of short afternoons and long nights. Delicious.

It makes me wonder why we spent all those months saving daylight.

I love the sun, crave its heat, seek its light when it is scarce. But this all comes in cycles, doesn’t it? We relish in the lingering warmth at the end of a summer day–I suppose this is why we hold onto the daylight until October is over…

But it is back to the norm, now, the standard. And it feels so exotic, this kiss of night as I walk out the door at five o’clock. I feel the sparkle in the air as the black sky surrounds me, filling my mind with possibilities.

My bed is ready for this turning inward as the season invites. I bring more into myself, too. Pillows, oils, books and toys.. Home is here, in the joyful anticipation of new adventures, the best ones, the thrilling interplay between sheets and bodies. How I have missed this, this close rebuilding of flesh and mind. I dive beneath the covers in a cold dark room, I crave this, a warm bath, my moist bare skin, the weight of the covers. You.

I draw you near, your smooth body hovering over me, you, holding my wrists firmly, teasing me, kicking the warm covers down, down, savoring the cool that makes my body tense, erect–and then the heat as you kiss your way down from my neck, down to force my legs apart and dive in head first, there. There, my legs wrapped around you, there my hands caressing your head while you inhale me, taste me, hypnotize me with your tongue.

I crave your heat, your hard cock teasing me, holding back… such restraint. Fuck me.

I ache for this right now. It is not enough.

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