come undone

There are many small unspoken formalities around fucking casually. And that means that it is never casual.

Respect boundaries.
Ask not.
Live in the moment.
Live for the moment.
Enjoy yourself.
Enjoy this.

It seems so easy, so beautiful to exist on a plane where we unite with another human soul… where we unite within boundaries, where we are safe, where we care, make a connection, fulfill a need, love.


This is the tricky one: defining love, defining those moments when we wish for another not in this moment, but in another moment.

It is a tightrope to walk, this erotic exploration, this pushing of some boundaries, but not of all, this heady journey into the taboo, into you…

this dance of desire, of being there, just enough, not too much. This dance of want, wanting

Lust, as the Germans say? No. Lust, as I say.

It is beautiful to live this erotic life

But careful

And yet, every word here is a word of falling.

A word written in absence.

A word written in memory.

A word written in longing.

A word written, falling,

For you.

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