splish splash

I shaved my pussy this morning.

It was not on a whim this time: I have found the vulnerability appealing somehow.

I spread my legs, and my red and swollen labia are simply there, dripping, and there is nothing I can do to hide how much I want you.

Thing is, I shaved even though I was sure there was no chance that those lips would be kissed today… no privacy. Only the temptation. For some reason, this made the act all the more imperative.

I have my techniques for the depilatory procedure, but the procedure always includes a shower. Today, I was still scratchy, still not rid of all remnants of hair. I switched the water down to the tub and eased my pussy under the faucet.

Memories. Leaning back in the bath with my legs spread, the water running down onto my pussy.. So wonderful. I remember it so well, those long baths when I was in high school.. and yet it is different now. I am different now, and so much more aware of what I am unleashing as the water keeps running, as I feel the blood flowing to my cunt, as my cunt tightens, then almost aches as the water teases, fails to hit high enough to satisfy my clit. My nipples stiffen, and the water gets higher. It is delicious.

Out of the tub, I think that the morning is getting late; we should leave soon, get on the road to meet you. But I cannot yet. I am too wound up, too full of wishes to fuck and be fucked.. wishes…

But I can come.

My pussy is bald and open, wet, full. The thought of it excites me as I run my hand down, as I reach quickly–immediately–for the black dildo. I position it, tease myself, not ramming it in as I want, but I continue to circle my clit repeatedly until I am near climax.. then ram it in unhindered.. over and over. I know how slutty it feels to be spread open so easily–not to work around that dark curly hair–and it feels good. I like this look, like the feeling of it, like it later when I dress: first, new lingerie–a g-string between my ass, and light blue lace covering nothing but tits and bald pussy. I think of this as I walk around, think of kissing you now, fucking you later…

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