the way we were

Scattered pictures of the smiles we left behind…

Not quite those misty watercolor memories. The image is as clear as day and shining right here on the screen of my cell phone. I used to glance every so often–hoping that my colleagues were not standing behind me while I did–it all came rushing back to me then…

You, tied up.

Me, with whip.

You, waiting.

Me, with camera.

You, squirming.

Me, clicking.

You, cringing.

Me, laughing.

You, relaxing.

Still waiting.

Still squirming.


Still cringing.

–WHACK!!– (a little harder now)


Me wet.

You hard. (That was predictable.)

Me Tarzan.

You Jane.

That is quite a thought, that, you–submissive, feminized even. Yes.

No pictures of that, but yes memories… hopes blurred… “time erasing every line”… and now, with the magic of the keypad, delete. Gone.

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