sunset, sunrise

Yes, I had to put the comforter between your skin and mine to fall asleep last night, to block the electricity, to calm down.

So I slept, not touching you.

What is a girl to do? You asked me to whip you.

I love to whip you now as much as I did that first time, that first time that I tentatively ran the red suede along your legs letting it slap you a little, a little more. The danger of what I was holding frightened me, intoxicated me… I crave it now, this power to thrill. It does thrill you, I see it as your face tenses with each crack, and then lets loose a broad smile. I lose myself in it, in the sound of the whip in the air, just before it casts a nice red line across your back, your legs, your ass.. The line rises–a welt?!–your ass redder and redder. Still the whoosh through the air and the crack makes you flinch, and then relax, more and more, as I find my pussy hotter, redder itself, swollen and wanting you to take it all out on me. Yes, I want you to.. And I stop whipping you grab ice and run it along your back, your legs, your ass, as I suddenly picture you unable to sit down for all that I have done to you.

And then you fuck me. You fuck me nice and hard, and you have already done it once, and do it again, pulling me up onto my knees and slamming me from behind. We are exhausted already late in the night, in the warm room, sweating both of us, fucking and collapsing, and yes, of course I have to have a barrier from you if I am going to sleep.

Morning comes, and I let the comforter slide off my shoulder, off my hip. I ease back into you, and there you are, sweating sex in the morning, your pillow smelling of you and me, your face still covered in my juices, my face coated in you. And we fuck again, every hole satisfied in the sunrise, fingers, tongues, nipples, ass, cock, you you you fucking me harder and more deliberately as I feel myself crashing again into inevitable climax, sure as the tide, sure as you will collapse, too, when you come, when you are drained, when there is nothing left..

and there is always more left…

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