It was an unexpected shower. I ran into the store, and turned to see the rain pouring from the skies as predicted. But I still was not expecting it.

The rain on the streets is foamy, rinsing away all the grime that has gathered there during these hot dry days. I want to kiss you in this warm rain, want to be soaked, want my hair to drip down, want to smell the sweat washed from your hair, from your neck, as the rain falls gently and then in rushes.

I love to jump in puddles with you, run with the clothes clinging wet on our bodies, love to peel the clothes off after we race one another inside, still wet, senses amplified, desire multiplied as the rain falls steadily, now with thunder rumbling in the background. Your cock is hard and pushing against my leg as you kiss me here in the hallway. You run your fingers through my wet hair, and I back away from you and firmly grab your crotch, then reach up to unbuckle your belt. Oh yes, now, hurry. Your pants fall, as you back me into the living room, push me down and kiss me still, thrusting between my legs as my skirt falls high on my legs, my panties wet, waiting, your fingers squeezing my nipples hard as I think that all this is taking forever. It is taking forever for you to work your way to my panties, beneath them. It is taking you forever to take your own briefs off, and my own hands are unable to reach there, as you take your time, even though I am fairly certain that you want to fuck me as much as I want to be fucked.

The rain falls outside, and the house is dark, lightened only in moments after the crashing outside. Afternoon is suspended, as you at last reach down with both hands and slide my panties off….

3 thoughts on “rain

  1. Bunny says:

    There’s nothing better than a rainy afternoon with a lover x

  2. Bunny says:

    Nothing goes hand in hand like rain & sex!

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