how high the moon

I just pulled out the Luna Beads. They have inhabited my pussy for the last four hours, and only moments ago, I was feeling disappointed at the fact that I could not feel them. No.

Well, I certainly did notice their presence when I first put them in, not uncomfortably, but noticeable as I leaned back in my bed, exhausted from night after night of lovemaking, lovelusting, and yet still unfathomably hot and wanting more. The beads arrived in the mail, and I inserted them within seconds, such a highly anticipated toy that would make my cunt tighter, more responsive… Why not?

The balls are larger than the ben wa balls I had when I was younger. They do not float freely, either, but are attached and have a string, not unlike a tampon. But a little sexier. They also come in two weights, and are already assembled with the lighter balls.. for starters. I started, pushed the balls in one by one. In. Ah yes, in.

I let my hand slip down between my legs, circled my clit. Yes. Yes, they were there. I felt myself getting wetter, and felt the balls there, deep there, yes, there.. rocked and they rocked me, yes they did. Yes, felt them move gently, deeply, my cunt gripping harder as I rocked. Then I stopped to stop the intensity, wishing, wishing that you were here to hold me down and make me come faster, harder, wishing you were here to see this. Come I did, though, still; I came, and came hard. Twice. Thrice. No. No more.. I can’t.

But I left the balls in. The reviews gave marks for wearing them during the daily routine.. cooking, vacuuming, running on the elliptical trainer. These things I tried, with a nice buzz. Dinner, too, even a trip to the ice cream stand.

Had to stop then.. Had to. The intensity of repeating orgasms is not a convenient thing at an ice cream/mini golf establishment, and at a certain point I stopped to ask myself if I had actually removed the beads in the bathroom earlier. But no, I popped them back in then, and went on my way, supposedly exercising the pelvic floor.

Do Luna Beads work? After one day, I doubt it. I doubted it much more when I was still wearing them, but the beads lie now beside the sink, and I feel my pussy gripping, readjusting, a little sore, a little… needy. Perhaps with just enough room for a nice cock, perhaps with rather satisfying results for that cock, too.. Don’t know. We need to present evidence before the jury can deliberate on this one..

But from my end, my nipples are hard now, and I suspect that soon my hands will slip down between my legs again.

But I cannot resist the temptation to try the heavier beads.


Oh yes.

Yes, that does seem a little .. heavier. Harder. Faster. The elliptical trainer seems an appealing option at the moment, as does swimming–mmm the water–or just lying on my bed, your face between my legs, your tongue circling my clit, sucking it, you holding me down and making me take it when I think I cannot take anymore. Pushing me higher, higher, over the moon.

Will all this exercise produce the intended results of strengthening the pelvic muscles, making my pussy that tight, hot, wet pleasure clamp that I want it to be?

Don’t know. But I’ll put you in charge of data collection…

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