behind closed doors

The faint clink.. glasses downstairs full of cheer, the higher pitches of my friends’ laughter, the gushing “Oh”s and “Ah”s … you wonder what we are saying, wonder what news has been shared, what detail was so important to us.

Oh, but you had a nice afternoon, didn’t you? Finding a vase for the black-eyed susans, chilling the wine, dragging the blender from the pantry.. stealing bites of the appetizers!

Oh, but that last thing is forgiven. You were so nice to help, my dear. So nice, even when you do not get to be with us.

Are you enjoying your time now? I run upstairs to the bathroom, and peer in at you across the hall. You know it is me, the click click on the hardwood unmistakable, my hot breath over your cock. Your cock–which has already hardened as I open the door. Good. Good.

I pick up the new whip and crack it hard onto the bed beside you. You flinch, expecting the worst, but I leave you quickly, trace my fingers up your wide open thighs and let my hand rest near your balls for a moment before I walk away, gaze back at you spread eagle and blindfolded, restrained on my bed. I see your cock twitch hopefully. The door shuts. I kick off the heels and run back downstairs.

My friends wait for me. Do they see my distraction?

I think not. I feel alive, in charge. The conversation is lively, wonderful while you writhe, my dear.

“So tell us more about him…”

By “him,” they mean you. They have heard about hints about you, you know. They have heard hints about your various attributes, perhaps. But not about this.

The telephone rings. I take the call upstairs.. a short one. But enough time to check once more.

You lie, waiting. Of course. Where could you go?

I set up the laptop at the end of the bed, put in the DVD. A bit of entertainment while you are restrained. Your favorite scenario… or one of them. Enjoy, dear. I see your cock twitch, your arm trying to break free, that pleading look on your face. Just as I wished. I smile back at you, and float back down the stairs, drunk in my own delight.

My friends do not know that I tease you to the verge of orgasm sometimes for hours before spreading my legs for you. It makes you desperate, savage when I unfasten the cuffs and let you fuck me. I let you fuck me, yes, let you push me past my already heady state into utter ecstasy, let you come violently in me. Sublime.

My friends do not know that when they leave, I will remove the gag and whip you hard until sweat and tears run down your face, until you cry–oh, you naughty thing, tasting the appetizers!–until you finally utter the word that will make me stop immediately. Or until I know better than you do.

But ha! They do not even know you are here.

They do not know.

You may find your release, my dear, your pleasure.. You may thrash about, and let me dominate you as I will–gleefully.


And then, later on, sometime, when your power comes back to you, when I am tired and relinquish control, my friends would be surprised.

This chatty hostess can become so, so submissive…


It was an unexpected shower. I ran into the store, and turned to see the rain pouring from the skies as predicted. But I still was not expecting it.

The rain on the streets is foamy, rinsing away all the grime that has gathered there during these hot dry days. I want to kiss you in this warm rain, want to be soaked, want my hair to drip down, want to smell the sweat washed from your hair, from your neck, as the rain falls gently and then in rushes.

I love to jump in puddles with you, run with the clothes clinging wet on our bodies, love to peel the clothes off after we race one another inside, still wet, senses amplified, desire multiplied as the rain falls steadily, now with thunder rumbling in the background. Your cock is hard and pushing against my leg as you kiss me here in the hallway. You run your fingers through my wet hair, and I back away from you and firmly grab your crotch, then reach up to unbuckle your belt. Oh yes, now, hurry. Your pants fall, as you back me into the living room, push me down and kiss me still, thrusting between my legs as my skirt falls high on my legs, my panties wet, waiting, your fingers squeezing my nipples hard as I think that all this is taking forever. It is taking forever for you to work your way to my panties, beneath them. It is taking you forever to take your own briefs off, and my own hands are unable to reach there, as you take your time, even though I am fairly certain that you want to fuck me as much as I want to be fucked.

The rain falls outside, and the house is dark, lightened only in moments after the crashing outside. Afternoon is suspended, as you at last reach down with both hands and slide my panties off….

how high the moon

I just pulled out the Luna Beads. They have inhabited my pussy for the last four hours, and only moments ago, I was feeling disappointed at the fact that I could not feel them. No.

Well, I certainly did notice their presence when I first put them in, not uncomfortably, but noticeable as I leaned back in my bed, exhausted from night after night of lovemaking, lovelusting, and yet still unfathomably hot and wanting more. The beads arrived in the mail, and I inserted them within seconds, such a highly anticipated toy that would make my cunt tighter, more responsive… Why not?

The balls are larger than the ben wa balls I had when I was younger. They do not float freely, either, but are attached and have a string, not unlike a tampon. But a little sexier. They also come in two weights, and are already assembled with the lighter balls.. for starters. I started, pushed the balls in one by one. In. Ah yes, in.

I let my hand slip down between my legs, circled my clit. Yes. Yes, they were there. I felt myself getting wetter, and felt the balls there, deep there, yes, there.. rocked and they rocked me, yes they did. Yes, felt them move gently, deeply, my cunt gripping harder as I rocked. Then I stopped to stop the intensity, wishing, wishing that you were here to hold me down and make me come faster, harder, wishing you were here to see this. Come I did, though, still; I came, and came hard. Twice. Thrice. No. No more.. I can’t.

But I left the balls in. The reviews gave marks for wearing them during the daily routine.. cooking, vacuuming, running on the elliptical trainer. These things I tried, with a nice buzz. Dinner, too, even a trip to the ice cream stand.

Had to stop then.. Had to. The intensity of repeating orgasms is not a convenient thing at an ice cream/mini golf establishment, and at a certain point I stopped to ask myself if I had actually removed the beads in the bathroom earlier. But no, I popped them back in then, and went on my way, supposedly exercising the pelvic floor.

Do Luna Beads work? After one day, I doubt it. I doubted it much more when I was still wearing them, but the beads lie now beside the sink, and I feel my pussy gripping, readjusting, a little sore, a little… needy. Perhaps with just enough room for a nice cock, perhaps with rather satisfying results for that cock, too.. Don’t know. We need to present evidence before the jury can deliberate on this one..

But from my end, my nipples are hard now, and I suspect that soon my hands will slip down between my legs again.

But I cannot resist the temptation to try the heavier beads.


Oh yes.

Yes, that does seem a little .. heavier. Harder. Faster. The elliptical trainer seems an appealing option at the moment, as does swimming–mmm the water–or just lying on my bed, your face between my legs, your tongue circling my clit, sucking it, you holding me down and making me take it when I think I cannot take anymore. Pushing me higher, higher, over the moon.

Will all this exercise produce the intended results of strengthening the pelvic muscles, making my pussy that tight, hot, wet pleasure clamp that I want it to be?

Don’t know. But I’ll put you in charge of data collection…


“Just you alone filled me with ahhhhhhh……”

I like the feeling of words in my mouth, s’wonderful. Swish it around. I like the feeling s’wonderful in my mouth, you in my mouth, you you, my finger pushing inside you, your deep gasps, indecipherable words, your hands grabbing my comforter my nipples my hair as I turn on from your excitement, lap you thirstily, wrap my leg around your thrashing leg, hold you still!, oh I hold you down and don’t stop don’t stop. I love the feeling of words in my mouth, you in my mouth, your throbbing cock coming into my mouth, filling my mouth, your come on my tongue, coating my throat, so silky, so wonderful as it slides right down, so wonderful as I swallow you. Oh it is wonderful.