both sides now

Yes, the clouds are lovely, and I might be seeing all sorts of things in them if your tongue on my nipple were not distracting me.

And actually, this might be quite a nice idea, lying here on the balcony with you, undressing one another here in the sunshine, on the roof, outside.

But we might easily be spotted now, and it is all too obvious your intentions, even to the nuns going to their appointments, even to the college kids across the street. So we can roll on our backs and look at clouds and look at the railing that really should be replaced, anyway, and next time with something opaque and higher.

All clouds are phallic at this point, at the point that you are lying on top of me so that I can feel just how how crowded your pants have become, how wet mine are now. You are biting me, and pinching my nipples while I breathe slowly, grind into you unintentionally, let little gasps go and hope they are not as loud as they might have been. Louder. Yes, you like it that way, I believe. I know you, know how hard your cock gets when you hear me get excited. And I get more excited as your cock pushes against me, hard, oh fuck me now.

But here? Here? I should always wear a skirt, though is it not obvious that you are about to fuck me? Would it not be obvious that you were fucking me to anyone who looked up to see you on top of me, restraining yourself perhaps, but rocking into me, my legs spread and my skirt hiked up? It would be obvious, you know this, and still you persist, me in shorts now, shorts that are getting soaked now as you run your fingers down my leg softly. Mmm. Hell yes.

The sun has shifted, now in my eyes, and sweat is beading up on your face. You back off me and swat me as I roll around to crawl into the bedroom. The floor would do, really, really, right here, on my knees like a good doggie, but before I have any say in the matter, you have pulled me up and pushed my face into the bed, holding my hands so that I cannot move, unbuttoning my shorts with your other hand, and unzipping.. I don’t make it hard for you, don’t stop you as you run your finger along the edges of my panties. I cry out loudly now, and feel the sting of your hand on my ass, feel the fabric as you pull it tight between my legs and expose my buttocks, now bare, now simultaneously dreading and aching for another slap.

You slap my cheek red, then show me how it looks, the one side red, the other still white. It hurts, yes, it hurts, and it feels fabulous, my lust for you growing as you slap me. Oh, the other side, now, please. I want to feel raw, extreme, exposed again, free again.. and you slap my white cheek, leave your hand print there for a moment before you slap me again and again, my tears running down my face, so amazing this desire, so hot this wish to have you.

“Hmm,” you say, as you pull my panties out from between my legs and lower them.

Hmm indeed, you pervert.

You do not touch me. I want you to touch me. You do not touch me, and you hold me still as I squirm trying every way in the world to get your finger closer to my hot pussy.

You push the panties down my legs and tell me to take off my blouse. You unfasten my bra, and take my hand, lie me down on my back while you sit fully clothed beside me. I am naked, wanting, and you hold my hands so that I cannot unbutton your shirt, your shorts, so that I cannot touch that inviting bulge that seems throbbing even beneath those layers. How do you resist?

You look me up and down, and suddenly let go of my hands and push my legs apart. I feel your head as you bury your face between my legs, as your tongue darts around, licking everywhere except where I want it the most. Stars dance in my head as I begin to feel faint, the sun the clouds. I want in the worst way for you to fuck me, and you deny me. You deny me now, and I plead. Please please. I say please, and this seems to please you, seems to please you as you step back and take your clothes off in front of me. Yes, your cock is throbbing, hard. yes, you are rolling me over and rolling a condom onto your cock, lubing it with a certain determination.

My ass is still sore as you push it open, now pushing your cock in between my red buttocks. You pull my hips up and push into me hard as I breathe hard, cry out in surprise. You stay, and I feel your cock big and hard and hot–or am I hot, sore, aching? now with your cock fully inside my ass, exactly where I want it, waiting for you to pull out and ram into me, perhaps.

But you stay, instead, grind slowly in deeper, out a little… I feel that groove, that spot, that point of no return as you start to grind into me a little harder, a little faster, a little –oh God– more a little yes. Yes, I feel your cock that way it becomes so engorged, your breathing hard and concentrated, your pulling back to the entrance, teasing me, teasing yourself, then ramming me now, yes ramming me hard, hard as I want it, as I want you, as I want you to send me over, then fuck my cunt. Yes, yes, you do, you have me now, riding you wanting you, and you flip me over again and push my legs up onto your shoulder while you pull the condom off and fuck my cunt hard. You tell me how wet I am, how hot, how hard I am making you. Oh yes, harder, yes, like that.

Orgasms can be so hard to count when they fade into one another, when the waves of pleasure do not stop, when everything else in the world goes away.

But you have not come, somehow, and pull out, then lie on your back, your legs spread. I do know what you want. Ah yes, yes. That. Your gift. You see, I never forgot it.

I am on fire as I strap it on to myself. There is a little battery vibrator that should work quite nicely, but I hardly need that now. The mere thought of pushing into you, your erection right beneath me as you lie on your back and let me fuck you like a man, fuck your ass that way.

I lube you.. finger you. You seem to be ready for this–have you thought about it? Practiced? I think perhaps you have as I push the first segment of that smooth black cock into you.

“Wait…” and I stay there, rocking gently, until you tell me okay.


I push in a little deeper, see your grimace and pull back a bit, loosen the harness and slide it off. Your ass is partially plugged, and small beads of come gather at the tip of your beautiful cock. I lick them off you, and you moan, loudly.

“Louder,” I say.

You moan loudly now, as my mouth circles your cock and bobs down the length of it. I wiggle the dildo in your ass, and feel your muscles tense as you let out another moan. I push the dildo in just a little deeper, a little more lube around your ass, and you push back. Another segment.

I feel your shallow breathing now, trying to calm you, but cannot, cannot help but take your cock into my hot mouth to make you come. Yes, I know you need it now, need to come, cannot help but come as I suck on you gently, as your ass tenses at the size of the cock inside you. You push into my mouth, make me stop sucking as your come shoots into my mouth, still onto my face as you shudder and hold my head back at the intensity of it. Your body relaxes as I ease the dildo gently from your ass.

How long could we lie there? how long, until we might form words and movements again?

Long enough, I am sure. Long enough.

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