spank me

I have been very, very naughty. As you see in my postings, I have been contemplating many things that I might do with you, and perhaps with other people involved, as well. So, tomorrow when you arrive, I know it will cause you more pain that it does me, but I am expecting to be spanked.

I know what you do to naughty girls, my dear. I know you told me that you would bend me over your lap and lift up my skirt, and hold me tight as I kick and beg you, insist that I meant nothing wrong.

“I’m sorry, dear, but you have been wicked. And wicked girls must be punished.”

“No, no!!! I never meant to upset you! I will never do it again, I promise!” I sob, and keep reaching back to push my skirt down, to cover my bottom. You are struggling with me, which only fortifies you in your mission to hold me still for my punishment. You push one hand down, and fold the other over it and back, then bend over my back so that my front and back are utterly separate.

I feel the cool air on my legs as you lift my skirt swiftly, then push my panties down to my knees.


It was much harder than you normally spank me, and I feel a burn on my ass after a moment. You look down–I imagine you see your handprint on my white skin.


You hit me hard again, and before I know it again…


I think you will stop, but you don’t. You don’t, and I feel myself struggling as you hold me down even tighter in front, relentless with your free hand to slap my cheeks.

I yell. I cry. But I cannot bring myself to use our safeword. I have my pride to consider, and I feel myself surrendering to your hand. You spank me more, and stop.

My ass is burning. I feel the air cold now on my cheeks, and the sweat on my face, the tears running down. You have stopped, let go a little, and I feel myself start to sob as your hand comes down once more, but gently, stroking my skin as you so often do. I sob, and feel your hand so loving on my hot ass, then a finger down between my leg.

“My god, you are so wet,” and I feel your cock twitch, too, as you keep holding me across your lap. My sobs flood me, as I suddenly climb up and straddle you, kissing you wildly.

You have done it again, my dear, touched me deeper than I knew yesterday that I could be reached. You have pushed me into another realm, and I want nothing more than to fuck you now, fuck you hard. I want for you to push me to the ground and drive your cock wildly into me, fast, deep, hard. I want for you to use me, fuck me until you explode deep inside my cunt, my ass sore and burning, your cock wildly jerking as your come shoots deep. I want for you to shout, to feel my swollen hot pussy grabbing you.

I have been naughty, awfully naughty.

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