I want you right now.

But as so often is true, you are off somewhere, and I am free. It could easily be the reverse. Time together is a luxury, and I never discount that.. make time for these moments when we fuck and talk and find that realm in which we can be completely free.

So, our adventures take planning, and still they have lingered for years in the back of our minds. Our fantasies.. so close, closer still. The whole world is ready and waiting for us to walk on stage, to act, to create, to find the magic within us and within the moments.

Double trouble returns.. asking for time. Friends await, eager to meet, to gauge the chemistry, to enter into new chapters as we explore this wondrous territory of fantasy. It is all uncharted, waiting for us to wander into it and draw our own maps, our own guidelines, our own rules. And sometimes I wonder about those. Where are our limits now? How far can we push the intensity of our physical space, our privacy, our emotions? I trust you.. perhaps our time has come to feel more.

Outside the expectations, we create. In this time, we become alive.

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