double trouble

“I want to fuck you while someone is watching us. I want to watch them, too, and I want to see how excited it makes you…”

These were your words. Remember?

In truth, I have been planning something like this for some time. It all started with an advertisement:

A thousand scenarios run through my mind as I type this…

Yes, it is true. I do have so many ideas of what this is supposed to be, what it may feel like. I am nervous, surprised I even ran the ad, wondering what you think of me for actually doing it.

We are real. Somehow it seems even filthier, more exciting with people who could be your neighbors, or your colleagues. Much hotter. Write and tell us what you like. Be real. This could be a one-time adventure or an ongoing situation if we all enjoy it.

It is filthy, isn’t it? It is hot. I am nearly shaking at what I may have unleashed.

But we are never less human.

I arranged to meet her. And finally, after many mishaps, we did. She is quite attractive, I’ll say, delightful. The bartender appreciated our presence, tried to persuade us to stay, offered us free drinks. The excitement buzzed through us, making us glow, I am convinced of that. But no, we did not take the free drinks. We all have lives we drift back to.

We are ordinary people, dreaming, feeling. She wants to bring a man. I want to bring you.

I wonder what I have done. I am dizzy, surprised, frightened, exhilarated….

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