“You could be a real dominatrix with that get-up on.”

“Oh, but then I would need boots…”

“And a whip.”

I like to dominate you. I am wildly free in this role–on top–feeling the way you relax when I sit on your cock and ride you, hard, until your world goes away for a little while. I take your cock into my mouth and hold your legs down, so you are at my mercy, wanting. You let go of the world as I turn you over and push my slick fingers into that sensitive and aching hole that no one else enters.


I see it afterward, you see, that faraway look and the hidden concern… not so hidden. I don’t think you mean for it to show, not now when this is supposed to be a safe place away. I understand. You have told me enough of your world, and I see it, know it, the way you carry the world on your shoulders most of the time and pretend not to mind. And indeed, you don’t mind, I am sure–I cannot imagine you any other way. You tell me that I deserve pleasure after taking care of everyone else, and I fight back tears when I read those words in a moment when I am home from a taxing work day to pick up something.. No one ever says that to me!… but I also think that it is some sort of projection–you are not aware of it. It is you, you who watch out for everyone else, you who needs this at least as much as I need it from you.

So, we find a world in pleasure. We ride, and lose our sense of self in the passion of it, the fun. We switch, let one another get lost. And I dress up.


The get-up is black and scarlet, hooked to black lace-top stockings. I feel you shiver when you run your hands up my legs on the stairs and feel the bumps of the garters. I imagined you doing this all day, imagined your delight. You push me up the stair ahead of you and stop me to push my skirt up. I turn, and kiss the top of your head while you push my jacket up and release my breast from the scarlet bra. “What is this you are wearing?” you ask, and I cannot answer because all attention has gone to my nipple and what you are doing to it with your mouth.

“Up now,” you whisk me up the stairs. I wore the lingerie to work, knowing all the time that you would have something to discover. A garter dress. Despite my fairly broad knowledge of lingerie, I had never seen anything quite like it.

I am wearing no panties. Yes, very naughty, and I knew you’d slap me for it. I wanted you to. No panties, not to work or here now, and I had no time to put the plug in my ass, and that was naughty, too, because you had asked me to do that..

“If we had gone to the party together, this is exactly the way I would have taken you,” you tell me as you pull my legs off the bed and lean me against the bed, holding me down, ramming your hard cock into my wetness.


“I would have taken you up to an empty room and fucked you just like this, and you’d have to be quiet, wouldn’t you?”


“I don’t think you could be quiet.”

No, no, probably not.

I feel insatiable as you enter me, more so as you fuck me hard from behind, then push me back up onto the bed and flip me over and slide in and out of me slowly. So gentle, and yet so effective.

I wanted you..  I wanted you during those phone conversations, during those moments that you made me think of your cock so hard and ready and yet waiting for now..

Now, I want to explore you, want to explore the limits of all that we might find in this world, this sensual world, in this trust and understanding.

“I want to fuck you while someone is watching us. I want to watch them, too, and I want to see how excited it makes you…”

“I want to tie you up.”

Ah yes.. Yes!

And in the midst of this ecstasy, it is amazing that I like you, too. I like to talk, to plan things, to change the world… affirming life, affirming ourselves.

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