Run your fingers along the smooth edges, the lacy edges, the wet edges, underneath the silk.

Gifts are marvelous things, and I have been given a cool one hundred to spend on lingerie. It is an indulgence, to be sure… But no–a necessity. I never realized how much I needed this.

The world disappears when I let go of it and evaporate into the formlessness of the desire you ignite, let burn, smolder, and finally… torturously, slowly… extinguish.

So, on Friday I dress for the occasion. But what shall it be?

What is your favorite color? What do you like? What moves you, kindles your passion, makes your cock twitch at the sight of it? What makes you want to throw me down to the bed and rip my precious panties off?

Wednesday, I consider this, note your wishes, your dreams, my dreams.

Thursday I shop. Dressing becomes part of the ritual, a delight in itself.

Friday, we meet, again, and you may undress me in whatever manner suits you. Surprise me.

Friday, we explore one another until Friday disappears.

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