“If you keep doing that, you’re going to make me come.”

I keep doing it, and realize that you are right as I feel my finger on your wildly electric nerves. “Do you want to come?”

“Not yet.”

I stop rubbing you and gently pull my finger out. You are relaxed, but extremely excited now, and I grab the toys from my bag. “Which one?”

“Which one do you want to use?”

I show you the long, soft, beaded toy and reach for the lube, kissing your ass as I pop one bead in at a time. One. Two. Three.

More lube. I keep pushing gently until it is in all the way, then I grab your hand. “Feel this,” and you feel only the base of the toy beneath your balls.

“How does it feel?”

You turn over, and I see your erect cock twitching, begging for a lick. I can oblige.

Oh yes, I can do that. I can lick your balls and take your cock in my mouth. I can climb on top of you and lower my pussy onto your hard cock while you are so filled up yourself.

“How would you like it if someone were fucking my ass while we did this?”

You groan, and I think you are going to come, but somehow you hold back, for a while.


I feel calmer now, thinking of you excited as I rock on you before you come the second time.. this time I ride you more gently, but far deeper, as we talk and feel our exhilarated bodies joined. Yes, yes, you do, you do something to me so remarkably exciting–what is it?–as I feel myself lose control, and you feel me pour out onto you. It still makes me tingle, though I am tired.

I explored you today, want to find more inside of you. It feels so wonderful to feel your body pulse as you could come at any moment.

Have I been naughty? Yes, yes of course I have been awfully bad, and you spank me hard for it. I feel you reaching down to yank off my panties, you, you wanting me and telling me that I could not say no. Yes you are bigger yes you are stronger yes I want you to do this.

But you do stop when I say so.

There is something surreal in all of this, yes hedonistic, yes so far, far away from all that feels so difficult. This is easy, and splendid. Oh, I wonder at all of it, where it goes next, what we may uncover in one another, our desires. Yes.

Next time bring rope.

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