“Is it a big one or small? Show me the plug,” he said.

I pulled the shiny, heavy plug out of my purse and put it in his hand.

“So, you had this in most of the day?”

I nodded, knowing that I wanted him to punish me for my naughtiness. Why else would I put it there?

There is at least one other very good reason to wear an anal plug.

We had two hours. The plug would be replaced with cock. It had been a while since I had been fucked in the ass, and I did not want to spend precious time getting lubed and used to the idea. I wanted him to ram me for a good long time.

“Did he?” you ask. You are indeed curious.


So, did you fuck me hard in the ass? You did, didn’t you? Ah.. but you did not start there. I sucked your cock and then felt you fuck me in a very nice if conventional manner… for a bit. I do not know if it is convention to turn a lady over and ask her for private contents from her purse. I do not know if it is convention to lube a lady’s ass, then push a plug into her ass, only to fuck her pussy from behind while the plug is still in. No… no.. I suppose this is where we broke with convention.

It was nice of you to ask if I’d like to replace that plug with your cock. I lost count of the number of times you made me come.. but then, I think we have far to go. I like it when you slap me and tell me how wet it makes me. I like it when you squeeze my nipples to the point of pain and then stop when I tell you. I like fingering your ass.. Much to do there, too. Makes my mind wander.

Oh–and the flowers are beautiful.

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