Fuck me.

You are filthy, tempting me with your words,  your deep voice teasing me with a plethora of sensations I am now only imagining. I could masturbate, but it does not satisfy.  When my hand reaches down between my legs, my clitoris jumps, ready. My cunt throbs. This only heightens my need for your cock inside me for the first time.  I want for you to growl as you push in, feel my hot cunt grab you. You push me face down onto the bed and pull down my panties, loosen your belt, take me, hard. And then stop. We undress one another, and discover one another, imagining the limits we want to push as we continue.

I know your cock is stiff now as you read this. You know that perhaps others are reading, knowing that somewhere, tomorrow, we will be in a bed stifling screams–or not–letting loose passions that have been building since we last met, since we first met.

This is only a beginning.

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