it is night


I smell you. I smell sex. I feel your sweat drip from your chest onto my back as you lean over me with your cock deep in my cunt. You have been thrusting into me for some time now, and my back is arched, my legs spread so wide that it is difficult for me to keep my knees in place. You have pushed into me, and you are waiting deep inside while I recover from the inevitable tremors that take over my body when you fuck me like this.

I do recover, though, somewhat. You spread my ass and push in a finger, gently but deep. That’s it. As I feel the cold lube, the strange tightness as you pull your finger back out, you push it back in, a bit less gently. I know that your finger feels your cock through that thin membrane. I feel my cunt grab you as my excitement builds again. My ass lifts even higher.

Sometimes I think of putting you in my place. I think of you beneath me with your face pushed into the bed and your ass presented to me. The last time I sucked your come out, I stuck my finger up your ass, and you liked it, sighed, spurted large quantities of come into my mouth. But this was just playing around. I want once to fuck your ass hard, want it badly.

It is night, and I am about to roll over and kiss you. Your finger is still in my ass, and I feel your cock begin to push into me, pull out a little. You are grinding now, and you moan.

I moan, feel that unstoppable pulsing as you pull your finger out and grab my ass, push it wide open, push your cock deeper into my cunt, crying out as you convulse uncontrollably.

I love you, dear. I love it when you leave your cock inside me until it grows soft again, as you sigh and kiss the back of my neck. Your cock pops out. Your come drips from me. It starts again.

want me

Have you forgotten something, my love?

Remember, quickly, I say. Remember, and it will unlock the key to the passion you so desire tonight.

You sought my control over you, and now you have it. You are bound, though your hands are free. I know what you want, and will decide when you can have it.

You want my filthy words, do  you not? You want for me to push my legs apart and let  you breathe in, touch me, want me even more. You wish to know your limits, and you soon will.