You never thought I would do this, did you? Never thought that I would fulfill the fantasy you have so keenly imagined night after night…

She answered the advertisement I placed. I wrote it in such a way that the right person would respond… I do not know her, but my instincts are good. You will see: it will be remarkably hot, no matter what.

She will meet us tomorrow, somewhere public. What will she wear? Will we come back to your apartment then and there? Or will we simply talk, plan, discuss? It hardly matters. What is meant to happen will happen. You will know me, know the wetness of my panties as you talk to me… but her wetness is something new to you, new to me. Her nipples hardening with excitement, her moans. This will all be new.

This is for you, love. It is my intense pleasure to kiss this woman in front of you, to straddle her in your new chair, pinch her as your cock grows hard watching. But you enter her first, then enter me. I know it is your obsession, and you will have it. Sleep well, love. Dream.

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